Shanquella Robinson’s Family Calls On the State Department and Department of Justice To Take Action

Shanquella Robinson’s Family Calls On the State Department and Department of Justice To Take Action

The family of Shanquella Robinson is calling on the U.S. State Department and Department of Justice to take action surrounding the murder of Robinson.

On Friday, the family held a rally to bring light to the case since the U.S. has not provided the family with much information about their investigation.

Robinson, 25, was killed on a trip to Mexico, where she traveled with some “friends.” Her family seeks to learn the truth about what really happened to her. Prosecutors in Mexico have since issued an arrest warrant for one of the people who accompanied Robinson on the trip. However, that person hasn’t been identified.

They gathered in Washington, D.C., with attorneys and supporters, urging that the U.S. do more on their investigation, WSOC-TV reported.

“I have not been able to rest since October 29th of, 2022. I got the call of her death,” said Shanquella’s sister, Quilla Long, “I also was told lies about her death and I witnessed among others of the world, a video of a death. This journey has been frustrating the feeling of disheartenment towards our government. I feel like our government has failed us. Now we got to take extra steps and measurements as far as rallies, as far as press conferences, and mailing letters, I feel like we should not have to do this. It’s been five months and something should have been done.”

“The people who knew what happened to my daughter are living their lives,” said Shanquella’s mother, Sallamondra Robinson “They have returned to work, and my family is left to wait. And we beg for answers. I am here as an American citizen to ask our president and everyone with the power to get justice for my daughter to help me, please help me and my family.”

The family is represented by attorneys Sue-Ann Robinson and Ben Crump, who say the family has been patient with the State Department and Department of Justice, but now is the time to do more.

“The ball is clearly in United States court. The state department and the Department of Justice, the ball is in your court; do what you have to do,” Sue-Ann Robinson said.

“Mexico has advised that their investigation is complete,” Attorney Ben Crump said, “They have identified a suspect that suspect is currently out free in the United States of America, and that is not right, that the suspects and the people involved are sleeping comfortably in their own beds at night.”

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