Floyd Mayweather’s Ex-Girlfriend Shantel Jackson Drops Assault Lawsuit That Accused Him Of Stealing $3 Million In Jewelry

Model Shantel Jackson has dropped her civil lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend, Floyd Mayweather, in which she accused the famed boxer of assault and stealing more than $3 million in jewelry after their breakup.

According to Radar Online, Jackson recently informed the court that she was dismissing all claims against Mayweather and asked the court to close the case once and for all. The former couple had been fighting in court since filing the suit in 2014.

In her complaint, Ms. Jackson, who is currently dating Nelly since 2014, accused  Mayweather of battery, defamation, and invasion of privacy. The last count was due to him posting her medical records and private information on his social media accounts about her abortion.

According to the publication, the parties were able to settle privately to resolve all their claims. The case was officially closed by the court after Jackson filed notice she was dismissing all claims against her ex.

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