Shaq’s Funhouse Superbowl Party Is Returning To Miami

Two days before Super Bowl LIV takes place, Shaquille O’Neal will be hosting his annual Fun House Superbowl Party in Miami.

Speaking with USA Today Sports, Shaq expressed his excitement for the event stating, “You get the best party in Miami History. I’m bringing out my friends who are Miami legends… It should be the best lineup ever at the Super Bowl.”

The lineup for this year’s Fun House extravaganza includes some of the music industry’s most notable names, including Dj Diesel, Pitbull, Diddy, Diplo, Tiesto, and DaBaby.

The star-studded event will also feature carnival games and rides, circus performers, food, and beverages. O’Neal is even working on adding another hip-hop star to the fun-filled event.

O’Neal explains that he is tired of attending “all the old, boring stand-around Super Bowl parties. I’ve been to every Super Bowl party for the last 20 years, and it’s just standing around looking at each other,” he said.

After realizing those parties weren’t his cut of tea, O’Neal came up with the idea of a part music festival, part circus, and part carnival.

“We wanted to mix Vegas life with Cirque du Soleil life with Shaq life, and that’s how it came about,” the former NBA player said.

Last year, O’Neal’s Fun House took place in Atlanta with acts such as Adam Levine, Migos, Patrick Mahomes, Lil Jon as well as Cirque du Soleil performers.

“This time, it’s three times bigger,” O’Neal said, speaking of the event, which will take place in a venue that 100,00 square feet and holds a capacity of 5,000 people.

This year will make O’Neal’s fourth year hosting his Fun House parties. He’s previously held the event in Atlanta, Miami, and even did a pop-up event at the Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium.

“Every year, it keeps getting bigger and bigger. Everyone loves the concept and sees the potential,” he said.

O’Neal also added that he would like to see the event take place in Japan, Russia, and China someday.

This year ‘Shaq’s Fun House’ will take place during Super Bowl weekend at the Mana Wynwood Convention Center in Miami’s Hip Wynwood Dining and Entertainment District.

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