Shaunie Gives Three Basketball Wives Cast Members The Boot!! Find Out Who!!

If you were wondering which three girls were gonna get the boot from Basketball Wives, wonder no more. The three cast members you won’t be seeing next season will be Royce, Jen and Kesha. Surprised? I’m not.

I’m not surprised by Jen. I feel Basketball Wives has run it’s course for her and she seemed to be over it and ready to go. Plus, the whole lawsuit thing was messy and I doubt the show wanted to keep dealing with that. Royce was starting to get boring. There’s only so much ‘dating a new guy every season’ you can take with her & since no one but Suzie would shoot with her, there was no point in her being on the show. Kesha wasn’t about that life. She didn’t need to be on the show anyway. 

Tami has announced she’s moving to LA so I’m not sure how her scenes will work. The crazy act seems to be working out for Kenya. We all knew Evelyn wasn’t going anywhere. I wish Suzie would though. We’ll see how season (??) works out for Basketball Wives. Stay Tuned!

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