Shaunie Tells You To Get Your Facts Together About Who Was “Fired”

Ok, so Shaunie may be doing the most with this firing news. First, she does an interview saying that she will be getting rid of three members of the cast. Just a few short days later TMZ breaks the news that Jennifer, Royce and Kesha got the boot. That day Shaunie took to Twitter to say that those were just rumors. Sure, Shaunie. Well, it looks like Shaunie is a bit agitated with being asked about it because whens  fan tweeted her, she gave her quite the attitude.

“Sweetie u say ur a law student, isnt the 1st thing u shld do is gather FACTS? Cuz clearly u hve none. Whose fired?” says Shaunie after being asked about the news that made TMZ’s front page. The Twitter fan politely asks Shaunie which cast members she would have intended to fire, since she did an interview saying 3 would have to go. To that Shaunie said, “Wouldn’t the facts be if any1 has been fired? Bcuz that’s what u were accusing me of doing right?” It seemed a bit like Shaunie was on the defensive but goes on to say “let’s just say… I will not entertain anything but the truth hence me not replying 2 this RUMOR of the day”. When another Twitter fan gives Shaunie her two cents about the firing of Jen, Royce and Kesha Shaunie takes a harsher approach, replying with,”get ur goofy ass some facts b4 u talk 2 me…. Whose fired?”

Now, Shaunie hasn’t done this much bucking since season 1. I can definitely understand being annoyed with the questions but let’s be honest, those three WERE fired. The truth, according to Shaunie is that she had nothing to do with their firings and that she learned of the news when everyone else did. She claims that she was blind sided and that she has no problem walking away from the show. If that is the truth, then I’d like to go back to the original Twitter fan’s question, who did she INTEND to fire? I also want to know why she keeps using the words “rumor”, “who’s fired?” and “get some facts” when the simple answer would be that she didn’t personally fire anyone. Clearly three people have been fired Shaunie so “who’s fired” isn’t a great defense.

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