She Looks Good, But Only In Pictures..

We live in the age of social networks. Everything from Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram is being used to snag a potential Baller these days. Well. you guys are going to hate this blog because I’m about to give away the game in regards to some of the pictures that have been fooling Ballers since the dawn of time. Everything from the infamous “Myspace Pose” to the “kissy face” will be exposed. If you’re smart, you may be able to flip this and use it to your advantage! 

Make Sure You’re Not A Victim Of The Photo Swindle

  • If a girl takes the infamous “laying in the bed in my bra” pic, her boobs sag & thats the only way she can make them look perky.
  • If all of her face shots are taken from above, she has a double chin.
  • Beware of the “this is my good side” chicks. Are all of her pics taken from the left? Yeah, she ugly from the front.
  • If ALL of her pics are instagram filtered, poor girl has bad skin or she’s lighter, darker, or more off colored than she appears.
  • The picture of her ass is to distract you from the rest of her. Don’t be fooled.
  • Multiple ass photos reek of attention deprivation.
  • Beware of chicks cutting off half their body in pics. Remember, theres still a whole nother half left!
  • Is she always in a bra & panties? Again, it’s the distraction! 
  • The duck face is to make her lips look bigger and her cheeks smaller.
  • The duck face isn’t for everyone…or anyone.
  • Sitting on the bathroom sink gives the appearance of a big butt. Wait until she stands up.
  • Women have the ability to twist their hips in photos to make two tiny butt cheeks appear as if their one really big butt cheek. Men still haven’t figured this out and have fallen for the swindle every time.

I just focused on photos. Ladies, do with this what you want. Fellas, same. Any other photo swindles you can think of?

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