Shekinah Jo Reveals on Instagram Live That She and Tiny Are No Longer Friends

Not long ago, Shekinah Jo was on the internet weeping and defending Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris from the slew of sexual harassment charges she and husband T.I. are facing, but their relationship has seemingly come to an end.

Shekinah revealed that she and Tiny are no longer friends in a tearful Instagram Live session.

At the beginning of the video, Shekinah opens up about their friendship, working for BET, and getting kicked off the show. She then hints that the reasoning behind the group Xscape getting back together was because of her.

In the second part of the video, she said that the last straw for her was when Tiny didn’t defend her after she was getting dragged on social media after she spoke up for T.I. and Tiny when sexual harassment allegations arose against the couple. Shekinah said, “she was in the room with me telling me what to stay.”

After Shekinah’s Instagram Live video session, Tiny responded in the comments denying all of Shekinah’s allegations.

Tiny said, “You [can] believe this dizzy b*tch if you like! Why in tf would I ask her to say what she said?! True enough she wanted to speak up for me as a friend & I appreciate that but I NEVER EVER told her to SAY any of the sh*t she said. That’s on MY LIFE & Everything I Love.”

It doesn’t look like we will see Shekinah and Tiny making amends anytime soon.


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