What Does A Side Piece Offer That A Main Doesn’t


We as women get caught up with the idea that we have value in being the “main” chick. Our position as number one is some how better than the side’s position at number two when in all actuality we are in the same boat. Being first place only matters in competition and if you are in a relationship, frankly , there isn’t any competition. You are suppose to be the ONLY winner. If you’re number one and not the ONLY one, then you are losing.


While your faint hope of purpose or superiority may allow you to rest at night, the fact remains your dude has another chick. If you’re like most women, you’ll probably have feelings of being worthless (hence the superiority complex) and try to figure out what she has over you. If you’re a side piece, you probably think you’re the sh*t and you take “better care” of him than his main does.


It’s really not a question of what she does better than or how well you take care of him. It’s more of “this dude is insatiable and wants variety.” Don’t buy into the “my girl nags” or the “she’s freakier than you.” Understand that some men cannot control their carnal side and want variety.


You can swing off chandeliers, work out six times a week. You can even ride penis like the Olympian you are and cook like no other. You can always be immaculately dressed , flawlessly put together and sing his high praises and your dude may still cheat. You could have the leakiest faucet in the world with the vice grip of gods never uttering one negative word or pestering your dude and he will still find the need to creep. You know why? Because it isn’t about what you aren’t doing. It’s about his ego and variety.


So that side piece that thinks she is better, she will be replaced because variety is the name of the game. Think about this. From the time a dude is old enough for sex, most of society encourages him to be promiscuous.


If you meet him at the specific moment in life when slaying all hoes isn’t as appealing, monogamy is gorgeous to him, but anytime before; you may be number one and not the only one and it has nothing to do with you.


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