The Sidechick's Guide For The Holidays

The Sidechick’s Guide For The Holidays

Disclaimer: I do not condone this kind of behavior. But if you’re going to be a side chick, be smart about it and have some compassion; Don’t ruin someone else’s holiday just because you don’t know how to stay in your place. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about acting accordingly during the holidays. 

Live in your purpose.

You’re not the 9-5, so don’t expect him to spend the entire day with you — if you get to see him at all.

Don’t invite him to holiday events.

Your “man” will need to stay lowkey and can’t risk being around your family or friends. You can avoid letting yourself down by not asking at all.

Expect plans to change.

He may have allotted time for you, but his woman will always be a priority. And if she needs him, expect plans to change at the spur of the moment. It’s the best he can do. ⠀⠀⠀⠀

Don’t call him. ⠀

He’ll be with his family and having your number pop up on his caller ID or having to rush to a secluded area to answer your call is flat-out suspicious. ⠀⠀

Don’t contact his woman. ⠀

Something about holiday seasons makes people feel sensitive and vulnerable, but don’t EVER go to his chick “as a woman” just because you’re in your feelings. Remember your place.

Don’t expect a gift. ⠀

Just because his girl got jewelry for the holidays doesn’t mean you should expect the same. If he gets you a present, it’ll be at his discretion only. Therefore, you shouldn’t make assumptions.

By following this guide, you will drastically reduce your chances of being hurt or hurting others. You can still have a holly-jolly holiday by being realistic, keeping busy, slacking on some self-care, or spending time with others who truly care about you.

The Sidechick's Guide For The Holidays

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