Is Your Significant Other Entitled To Your Passcodes


Entitlement is that word that messes us all up. It falsely gives us hope that we as individuals deserve certain privileges, when in actuality-we do not. When we date individuals, that sense of entitlement makes us feel that we should have access to all parts of them.
The very foundation of a healthy relationship is trust and privacy. Your significant other should be able to flourish without you having total access. There should be some sense of trust. You two had separate lives before intermingling and you should still be able to be individuals even as a couple.
This doesn’t mean though that you should deny access to your significant other. If she or he is uncomfortable or curious, you can grant access if you are comfortable with doing so.
An ex of mine and I would sometimes swap DMs and chuckle at the messages that would be in it. If an ex text, we’d tell each other about it and more than likely, share the text. At some point, we had passcodes to all social media, technology and banking information. While we never went through each other’s phones or snooped, we did have access and kept the communication open with each other.
Each relationship is different. You have to go with what works for you.

In my experience, when your significant other is incredibly protective of his/her phone, chances are there are things he/ she is trying to hide. If you feel this way, the best thing to do is start a dialogue with your partner and ask.

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