Exclusive: Simon Guobadia’s “Special Friend” Jessica Harris Speaks Out After His Engagement Announcement to Porsha Williams

Yesterday Baller Alert got the exclusive with a woman who allegedly dated Porsha Williams’s fiance, Simon Guobadia.

We wanted to get the scoop on Simon and his “special friend,” Jessica Harris, relationship, and their dynamic.

Harris says she met Simon on March 30th of this year.

In the video, Jessica said she met Simon at Red Martini and that “me and my friends weren’t even aware who he was” and that he had asked if they wanted to hang out in his section.

In the background of the video, you hear Jessica’s friend chiming in; she explained that they were talking so long that the “Red Martini stayed open for another hour.”

She then goes on to detail how Simon offered to give her a ride home in his “big body Rolls Royce “ and claims that’s when she and her friends were like, “oh, he is somebody!”

Jessica said that night, Simon came back to her home and stayed for an additional 2 hours.

Both Jessica and her friend then went into detail about their first night meeting him and how he opened up to them about his divorce, therapy, and depression, while still not knowing who he was.

Shortly after, her friend adds that Simon pulled her to the side to say, “I think your best friend is obviously very beautiful; I really want to get to know her and her personality.”

At first, both of them eluded to them thinking that he was a nice guy, but now they believe he was just “working their empathy” by saying how he was depressed from his divorce and calling his wife a narcissist.

They couldn’t believe that Simon felt so open to tell them about everything but who his wife was.

Jessica then recalls the day of the photos she posted online, proving that she too was involved with Simon not that long ago.

She said that day she had a chemical peel, and her face was sore, but he begged her to spend time with him. They both claimed he was the one who wanted to pick her up in the Ferrari, and he was the one who took all the photos and videos of her.

Jasmine then says that Simon was the one who said, “well, you know I don’t sleep with my wife anymore; it’s completely over, and I don’t love her,” adding that “it’s refreshing to just be with someone and have fun.”

Simon’s “special friend” then claims that she was supposed to go out of town with him. Shortly after,  she said that Simon reached out to her and asked her to take down the photos and videos.

“He was like, hey do you mind taking it down out of respect of my soon-to-be ex-wife.” Her friend jumps in and said, “no, he said to take it down until his divorce was final because of the media blowback.”

They alleged that Simon constantly called and facetime every day and acted territorial. She said he broke down in tears, “and he was traumatized.” The two both claim that Jessica didn’t know about his relationship with Porsha.

Jessica said that she is not in contact with him, and she does have text messages and cash apps for proof.

Apparently, the last time Simon spoke to Jessica was on Mother’s Day when she saw a photo of him at Porsha’s house.

She claims that she put the photos and videos back out there after receiving much backlash for “not having any regard” for Simon and Porsha’s relationship.

Chile, this is all a mess … to see more of this video, head to Baller Alerts YouTube channel to get all the tea.


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