Sister Souljah Talks Sequel To Coldest Winter Ever: “Life After Death”

Sister Souljah sat down with the Breakfast Club this morning to discuss the long-awaited sequel to her classic 1999 novel “The Coldest Winter Ever” called “Life After Death.”

Sister Soulja revealed that it took more than 20 years to return to her iconic character Winter Santiaga because her story was a cautionary tale.

“At the end of ‘Coldest Winter Ever,’ Winter gets sentenced to 15 years, and I didn’t want to come out with a book a year later about Winter, I wanted the community to feel what it feels like when somebody you love, whose presence you enjoy, actually gets incarcerated, they get removed from your social and cultural existence,” she explained.

She also revealed that it took her a long time to revisit these characters because “so many other writers did their own version of my book,” she explained, claiming she “didn’t want to come back with a sequel that’s a copy of a copy” of her book.

Sister Souljah said she wanted to make the sequel unique, so she pulled from her imagination to conceptualize the story for “Life After Death.”

She also revealed that she chose Nia Long to voice the audiobook version of “Life After Death” because it’s who Winter would’ve wanted.

“It had to be somebody that the hood loves, and it has to be somebody that the men and the women love. Somebody whose voice is smooth and sultry and somebody who is considered beautiful…Nia Long fit that description,” she said.

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