Six People Missing in St. Louis Area, Suspected Cult Involvement Raises Concerns

Police are puzzled by six people who vanished from a home near St. Louis in August. They suspect a cult is involved. The missing are Naaman Williams, Gerielle German and her young son Ashton, Mikayla Thompson, Ma’Kayla Wickerson, and her young daughter Malaiyah. They lived together in Berkeley, Missouri.


Berkeley police Major Steve Runge believes four adults were part of a cult led by Rashad Jamal, a convicted child molester now in prison. Jamal, known for his online spiritual teachings, denies being a cult leader.

The adults, believed to be cult members, changed their names, disconnected from family, quit jobs, and showed other unusual behaviors. They were last seen at a hotel and haven’t been heard from since.

Wickerson’s mother, Cartisha Morgan, is worried. She thinks her daughter, who moved out last year and stopped contacting her in March, was vulnerable to the cult. Morgan hopes her daughter and granddaughter return safely.

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