Six-Year-Old Boy Buys $16,000 Worth Of Items In Sonic Forces Mobile Game

A six-year-old, George Johnson, went on a shopping spree, buying magic rings while playing Sonic Forces on his mother’s phone. Jessica Johnson, the boy’s mother, filed a claim for reimbursement but was unable to do so.

“My son didn’t understand the money was real,” Johnson said to the New York Post. “How could he? He was playing a cartoon game in a world that he knows is not real. Why would the money be real to him?”

According to the New York Post, Johnson believed the charges were fraudulent from the advice of her bank and filed a claim for reimbursement. The bank later told her that the charges were genuine and that she needed to contact Apple.

“Apple said, ‘Tough.’ They told me that, because I didn’t call within 60 days of the charges, that they couldn’t do anything,” said Johnson. “The reason I didn’t call within 60 days is because Chase told me it was likely fraud – that Paypal and are top fraud charges.”

Apple told Johnson that she should have known about the preventive settings on her device.

“Obviously, if I had known there was a setting for that, I wouldn’t have allowed my 6-year-old to run up nearly $20,000 in charges for virtual gold rings,” Johnson told the New York Post.

Johnson believes that Apple should be held accountable because they should have pre-settings to prevent these purchases.

“I may have to force this kid to pay me back in 15 years when he gets his first job.”


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