Ballerific Travel: Ski Resorts in Africa You Should Consider for Your Next Adventure on the Slopes

Ballerific Travel: Ski Resorts in Africa You Should Consider for Your Next Adventure on the Slopes

When you think of Africa you probably don’t think about snow. It’s mostly known for its endless desserts and beaches and vast wildlife.

But the motherland offers much more than a good hot time. During its cold season–April through October–ski lovers can hit slopes in either the northern or southern part of Africa. Or perhaps both.

Oukaïmeden, Morrocco

A two-hour drive south of Marrakech, Morrocco, lies the Atlas Mountains and Oukaïmeden. Standing at over 3,000 metres (over 9,500 feet), Oukaïmeden is the highest ski resort in Africa. The resort features ski and snowboarding tours, lessons and beautiful scenery. Ski season here can last from late December through to March.

Afriski Mountain Lodge & Resort, Lesotho

Located in the tiny kingdom of Lesotho, Afriski is one of two ski resorts in sub-Saharan Africa that continues to attract skiers and snowboarders during the winter. The resort has 1.8km of slopes up to 3,222m and promises guests a memorable experience in an exotic setting. It’s also an ideal resort for beginner skiers who are just learning. Afriski usually opens in June after low temperatures and snow sets in.

Ski Egypt Snow Park

Africa also offers an indoor ski resort, Ski Egypt. It’s the first of its kind on the continent and is located in Cairo’s Mall of Egypt. Its popularity and 7,000 tons of snow bring in crowds of all ages. The park also offers ski and snowboarding lessons to visitors. And if skiing doesn’t end up being your thing, there are plenty of snow rides to enjoy.

**Bonus** Dune Skiing in Namibia

If cold and snow is a definite no, there is a unique alternative. Namibia offers dune skiing in the desert. Visitors can ski on a sandy piste around 200m in length. If you’re wondering how it’s possible, well, the skis are made with a special wax that helps them slide better over the course of sand. Or there are also special sleds for the experience if skis aren’t ideal for you.

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