Baller Alert Exclusive: Sky Days Talks Black Ink, New Production Company, Acting, And More, Says Reality TV Is ”Real Life With Structure”

On Wednesday, February 26, ‘Black InK Crew New York’ is set to return, with major operational changes.

In the wake of the removal of the shop’s brand ambassador, it appears Ceasar is taking matters into his own hands in an attempt to get his shop back under control. But, at what cost?

In a recent interview with Baller Alert, Sky Days, the shop’s head of H.R., opened up about the recent changes, and the thought process behind Ceasar’s decision.

“That n*gga crazy. He’s crazy, okay!” Days said as she recalled the boss’ decision to suspend her from her position. “I’m suspended? Sh*t, I ain’t even know.”

“I’ma beat Ceasar’s ass,” Days continued. “Seriously cause he got me messed up. That’s my brother, now I’m suspended, making a way for myself.”

“No, I love him,” she added. “This season is going to be amazing, a lot of drama. Alot of stuff. Ceasar’s got a lot of shit on his plate, so I get it.”

However, the stigma of reality tv often leaves fans wondering if any of it is true. As reality stars come and go, rumors of scripted scenes often plague the popular format. But, according to Days, “Niggas get tight. They just be mad.”

“They love it, they want to be a star, until it’s time to be a star,” Days said. “When I first started on T.V., my success became my leverage. People come on the show, and of course, they’re not following us day-to-day, you have to have some type of outline with anything with work. But there are still real scenarios.”

“It’s real-life with structure,” she said, later adding that she’d never speak negatively about any platform she’s been on because, at the end of the day, “It’s a job. I got a job to do.”

As the interview continued, Days opened up about her personal experience on the show, in sharing her life with millions of strangers. Although she’s exhibited some reckless behavior in her early years on television, Days revealed that she uses her past to fuel her for the future.

“I always look at how I look one season, I’ll be like, ‘I want to keep leveling up, I want to keep looking better,’ or I do some silly shit and I’m like ‘Damn, I shouldn’t have did that, I was doing too much.’ And you just want to grow from there, but as far as sharing my personal situations, that’s just me,” Days said. “If I’m only here to show people the good, then that make the shit phony, and fake and wack.”

“They gon’ judge regardless, and I’m happy that I’m able to use my platform to bring…even when I brought awareness to adoption,” she added before she opened up about how the show affects her real relationships.

Despite being a fan-favorite on Black Ink Crew New York, Days is also a business owner and an aspiring actress, who’s been quietly perfecting her craft.

“I just know I want to put my hands in so much shit that I never thought I’d be able to do,” Days said, as she reflected on her life as a girl from Harlem. “I’m thankful; it’s a blessing.”

“I love more of the behind the scenes thing, like I love the production aspect of it, but I’m a personality, I’m a character,” Days said. “This year, I’ve been having some real good talks with networks. Not Zeus. Nothing wrong with Zeus, but not Zeus. Some shit that you could still see on your T.V. And through the grace of God, it’s moving forward.”

“That’s why I’m moving to L.A., actually,” Days added, of her Hollywood career. “I’ve been taking some amazing acting classes and improve classes. I like improve better….But the acting is going good.”

“I’m working on a movie, and I also have Days Media productions, so I have something coming out on Netflix under my production company,” Days revealed, which will be a docuseries about Trolling.

Before the interview wrapped, Days played a quick game of ‘That’s Baller or A Dub,” explaining what’s baller about baecations, investing, and more.

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