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Lately I’ve noticed a heap of people who would rather stay at jobs longer than 5 years without raises instead of leaving and finding better. Why are we doing this to ourselves? You need to SLAY YOUR PAY. Real Talk. I can’t allow myself, with two kids, to sit at a business and watch incoming hires make more than me. It happened and I dipped so fast.. so fast I think they are still wondering where I went. 

Are you aware they are doing this? I guarantee that you are training an individual that is making more than you. Obviously, I’m not going to come in here and give my opinion if I couldn’t back it up. I increased my salary by $35,000 in under 5 years by changing jobs, positions, and my mindset. I also did this while being pregnant twice, buying a home, and a lot of cars I didn’t need. (that’s for another post, maybe titled: Dumb Mistakes of the rich broke smh) 

The Number 1 thing you need to have though:


So here are some steps to make sure you take in order to work towards increasing your pay and getting better jobs in the process:

1. What Value do you Bring? – Now I don’t know how you can increase your pay if you don’t bring some value to the company. You may think you don’t but imagine if no one else was in your position, what money are you MAKING or SAVING the company? Write your numbers down. Present them to your boss. Once he/she finds out you got a little sense, they may increase your pay just to keep you around. 

This is the Formula you need to use:

MyRevenue (savings you bring) – Cost (Salary and Benefits) = MyProfit (Value you Bring)

$395,000 – (63,652.50 x 1.25) = $315, 434

You will get the MyRevenue from taking all the tasks you complete and assigning a $ value to them. 

$315,000 is what I was actually worth! Not $63,000 or whatever they were paying me with benefits. 

2. LinkedIn Seriously. If you aren’t on LinkedIn I don’t know what you are doing. I don’t care if you are a librarian (nothing wrong with that), you need to have a profile that is clean and filled out completely. Hey, no selfies, car shots, or cropped photos either. Get someone to take a nice photo of you in your church clothes. Trust me, if you are looking for a better job, employers check LinkedIn. LinkedIn is apart of your BRAND. You better SLAY it on LinkedIn! We need to think you’re Oprah by the time we get done reading your profile. Be sure to include your real JOB on there…I just had to add that because I’m seeing a lot of fake businesses people making up on the fly. Fake means we aren’t able to do a state search for your company….

3. Speak Up Have you even expressed to your boss that you want more pay or more responsibilities? You better ASK for what you want. Closed mouths don’t get fed. If you aren’t noticed, you aren’t gonna get more pay. Point Blank. Take the tasks that others won’t. Now if you’re a mom, take those tasks, but you better be gone right on time. Moms don’t need to do overtime. We can SLAY in 8 hrs and chunk the deuces at 5pm. We ain’t got time for that. We got kids. 

4. Positioning The reason why you’re gonna take the tasks that others won’t is because it is gonna place you as the subject matter expert. You’re going to become the “Go To” person. If you can’t handle stress, I advise against positioning yourself as the expert but at least position yourself as next in line. 

5. Reverse Interviewing – You should do this ALL THE TIME! If you see someone in a positioning you want to be in or at a company where you want to be then take them to lunch. Ask them questions! You will be surprised who will speak and who won’t. I have actually had executives and CEO’s talk openly about their journey than someone who wasn’t even as big as them. Ego tripping I guess.

If it has been over 3 years without a raise: LEAVE

Those are just a few strategies that you can put into effect RIGHT NOW to gain momentum and get the pay you deserve. Don’t just talk about it, put the work in.

Now go SLAY THAT JOB and show them who is the real boss. 

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