Election Tech Company Suing Fox News For Claiming They Helped With Voter Fraud

Smartmatic is suing Fox News over their false claims of election fraud that damaged the company’s reputation.

Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Corporation and three of its top anchors, Lou Dobbs, Maria Bartiromo, and Jeanine Pirro, are listed in the $2.7 billion defamation lawsuit. Rudolph W. Giuliani and Sidney Powell are also being sued. They both appeared as guests on Fox programs while representing former President Donald Trump. On Thursday, the suit was filed in the New York State Supreme Court following Fox News discrediting the company by spreading conspiracy theories about the election tech company during the 2020 election.

In the 276-page complaint, Smartmatic stated that Giuliani and Powell “created a story about Smartmatic” and that “Fox joined the conspiracy to defame and disparage Smartmatic and its election technology and software.” The company claims that the false narrative turned “neighbor against neighbor” and incited violence in the U.S. Capitol.

The company said that the unfounded conspiracy theory on Fox “jeopardized” its business and made it difficult to obtain other clients.

A Fox News spokeswoman disputed the claims, stating that they are proud of their 2020 election coverage and will defend themselves against the “meritless” lawsuit.


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