Smash or Pass: Kellogg's & The ICEE Company Team Up

Smash or Pass: Kellogg’s & The ICEE Company Team Up For A Slushie-Inspired Cooling Cereal

Fans of the famed ICEE Company can now enjoy this frozen treat in the form of cereal, adding some much-needed chill to breakfast time. 

Kellogg’s and the ICEE Company have joined forces to introduce the ICEE Cereal. This exciting combination is based on ICEE’s bestselling Cherry and Blue Raspberry flavors. Staying true to the frozen snack, the cereal features a unique cooling effect. With every bite, customers will experience a similar ICEE chill. Think of it as enjoying a crunchy, milky, fruity ICEE. 

The ICEE Company says it is hoping to cool down those upcoming Summer mornings and spark nostalgic feelings amongst fans with this special morning meal.

“Consumers today say they want to feel like a kid again, and there’s no better way to ‘Let the Kid Out’ than digging into a bowl of ICEE branded cereal,” Natalie Peterson, Vice President of Marketing at The ICEE Company, shared in a press release

The chilly cereal has begun appearing on grocery store shelves and will continue to be offered in more locations through the end of April. The ICEE Cereal comes in 8.3 oz. boxes with a suggested retail price of $5.29. For a family size 13.2 oz. box, the suggested retail price is $6.49.  Sam’s Club has become one of the first retailers to carry the cereal, though it is now sold out on its website.

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