Snag A Baller On Twitter: Step 1 – “Engaging”

Social Media is such a huge part of today’s world and often I see women have questions about how to get a Baller to notice them on Twitter and Facebook. It’s actually not too hard but I’d figure I’d start giving a little weekly advice. Before I get into today’s lesson, let’s start with the social media basics. 

Before you attempt to contact a Baller online, make sure you tidy up your spot, meaning make your profile sellable. Your profile pic should be something that would easily attract a Baller. Unless you’re a girl who has gorgeous unique features (dark hair w/ blue eyes etc) then a modest face shot won’t do it alone. Full body shots, provocative poses, and expensive looking clothing is just enough bait to reel him in. Also make sure that you’re not overdoing the conversations with Ballers on your timeline. If you have Ballers who already following you, try to keep the conversation within the confines of your DM box. If you’re just starting out and would like to get them to follow you, talk to a baller for a minute, talk to a few people  and hours later try another Baller. Spread it out because Ballers do check.

Now on to today’s lesson. How to engage a Baller. This is for the women who haven’t been able to catch the eye of a Baller online just yet and need a little help. Usually when you get one to follow you, you can get others so snagging the first one is the hardest part. The key is to not be discouraged if it doesn’t work right away, these guys have a lot of followers and just as many women trying to get at them every day.

Snag A Baller On Twitter: Step 1 – “Engaging”

Even when he’s not on, he’s on. Celebrities practically live with their cell phones in their hand. I see it all the time. Even if it says your Baller hasn’t tweeted in a few hours, sending a few flirty tweets may gain you a follow back. Although he may be lurking in stealth mode, I guarantee he’s watching. Whenever a Baller tweets, it’s no doubt that his mentions (@’s) will be going crazy with groupies and fans trying to get his attentions. Things are always a bit more quiet when he appears offline.  Simple flirty tweets or wishing him a “Good Game!” could be just the intro you need for him to notice you. As a side note, Ballers love a little comedy. Someone who can make them laugh will more than likely gain a follow.

A simple ‘Hello’ always works. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be so hard. With as many followers as your Baller probably has, sometimes he just needs something simple. If you followed the steps above, chances are your Baller has probably spotted your name come across his screen before so saying “Hello” just shows you’re persistent…a good persistent. 

Speaking of persistent, persistence is one thing but annoying is another. Asking once for a “Follow back so I can dm you” is one thing. Begging for him to follow back, cursing him out when he does and being dramatic over not getting a response is annoying. Don’t do it. Remember that you are a grown up, regardless of what social network you are on. Acting out in this manner is no different from pitching a fit when you were 5 years old or saying “Well, f-ck you too then!” when you’re reject. Keep it classy at all times, you never know who’s watching.

Lastly, strike up a good convo. This is the whole definition of engaging. If a Baller is online and he’s talking about an interesting topic, intelligently converse with him about it. He’ll be glad you did. You’d be surprised how many idiots camp out in his mentions. He’ll be thrilled to talk to anyone who appears to have a little bit of sense. Don’t forget it’s quite possible to flirt a little while talking about politics or current events. Turn on the charm, this is your shot. 

When you finally get the Baller to follow you, give him a little time to DM you first. Don’t activate the thirst right away. If he DM’s you and your first conversation doesn’t end with the exchange of phone numbers though, he may not be that into you. Never fear, there are other Ballers on the field. 

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