Snag A Baller On Twitter: Step 2 - "Find His Type"

Snag A Baller On Twitter: Step 2 – “Find His Type”

This came up in the last “Snag A Baller On Twitter” post so I figured I should dive into this a little bit more. It’s important to understand that everyone has a type. Some Ballers may like them light skinned. Some may like them dark. Some like them skinny. Some like them thick. Some like them white, others may like then Asian. Social Media has made it entirely too easy to find out what your Baller hopeful is into. Do the 5 minutes of research needed to avoid wasting days and weeks of your time.

So how do you determine what your Baller’s type is?

Pay Attention To Who He Replies To. I’m not saying stalk his page, but glance at who he Retweets or personally responds to. If they’re women, he’s subliminally telling you something. Those women caught his eye. They caught his eye enough for him to engage them in conversation, even if for an innocent second.If those ladies can get his attention and you can’t, there may be a very good reason.

Check Out Who He Follows. Who he follows is the #1 way to truly determine your Ballers type. If your Baller isn’t trying to do his business on his timeline for the entire world to see, chances are he has followed a young lady in order to have a DM conversation with her. You see, he has to follow her in order for her to be able to reply. If you notice he has followed a ton of model chicks and they don’t share a last name — you just discovered his type. This doesn’t mean you don’t have a shot, it may just mean you need to adjust your game plan.

Twitpics and Instagrams Never Lie. A photo is worth a thousand words and sometimes you just have to listen to them. If your Baller has a simple instagram page, check out his photos. Take a gander at the women he takes photos with, the women he may admit he admires, and sometimes the women he takes pictures of. Instagram is probably the #1 way to take a peek into a Baller’s life. They literally instagram everything from their breakfast to their shoes. This is a great time to use this to your advantage. Browsed his instagram & noticed your Baller is a health nut? In casual Twitter conversation you should mention some healthy food ideas. Notice he likes to travel? Offer some suggestions on exotic getaways.

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