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Snoop Dogg to Reflect On His Life & Career In Newly Announced Biopic
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Snoop Dogg Recalls Nipsey Hussle Turning Down A Role To Star As The Rap Legend In ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Film [Video]

Snoop Dogg shares why Nipsey Hussle turned down a role to star in ‘Straight Outta Compton’ film.

Snoop recently made an appearance on the ‘85 South Show’ and recalled how Nipsey passed on playing the 51-year-old rap legend in the 2015 movie. Snoop says the N.W.A members (Ice Cube and Dr. Dre) attempted to snag the late rapper but was not successful.

“They was doing Straight Outta Compton movie right? So Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, all them n*ggas calling me,” Snoop says. “‘Man, we trying to get Nip to play you in Straight Outta Compton! He ain’t getting back to us!’ [I said] ‘Aight, let me holla at the lil homie.”

Snoop then describes his conversation with Nipsey and how excited he was to share the news.

“I hit him up,” he recalled. “[I said,] ‘Nip, lemme holla at you! Pull up on me!’ He come over to the spot. ‘Cuh, they want you to play me in the Straight Outta Compton movie!’ I’m happy as f*ck to tell him.”

Despite Snoop’s excitement, Nipsey politely declined and expressed that the role will risk him having his own identity in the industry.

“He like, ‘No disrespect big homie, but I can’t play you in the movie ’cause then people just gon’ know me for being you. I gotta be me,” Snoop added. “‘All that’s with all due respect.’ And I was like d*mn that was gangsta. I [called Dre and Cube back and] said, ‘Y’all gotta go find somebody else!’”

Nevertheless, Cube and Dre were able to find an alternative and casted Academy Award-nominated actor Lakeith Stanfield as Snoop.

The 2015 film gained massive box office success and grossed over $200 million with less than a $50 million production budget.

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