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Snoop Dogg Launches Animated Children Series “Doggyland-Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes”

Snoop Dogg launched a new animated series called “Doggyland-Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes.”

Snoop recently shared that he’s partnering with kids’ franchise Hip Hop Harry and October London to bring the show to life.

“When I started to build my team, it was only right to partner with Claude,” Snoop said. “Who created the iconic series, Hip Hop Harry, which built the blueprint to diverse kids programming, and October London, a talented singer and writer.”

Doggyland includes a cast of cartoon dogs that help “promote social-emotional development as well as age-related cognitive development” in children. The show will cover a range of different topics such as letters, numbers, colors, animals, good habits, hygiene, accepting others and more.

The cast, Bow Wizzle (voiced by Snoop), Wags, Yap Yap, Chow Wow, and Barks-A-Locks, are all different colors and shapes to help promote diversity and inclusion.

“As a father, grandfather, and longtime youth football coach, it’s always been important to me to build positive and educational environments for all children,” Snoop added. “We wanted to bring our show to YouTube and YouTube Kids, which provides free access to everyone, so all the kids can enjoy it.”

He continued, “I’ve always wanted to create a kid-friendly series that lets kids be kids and is truly representative of the culture with everything from the music to the characters.”

Doggyland has released four YouTube episodes and will air every Tuesday on the streaming app.

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