Let’s Talk: Are You A Snooper? Do You Go Through Your Mate’s Phone?

Well, it’s the middle of the night and you find yourself watching your mate sleep as you make note of their breathing rhythm. Now, we all know that you are not admiring their features. You are ensuring that they have finally reached a deep state of sleep, so that you can sneak off to the bathroom with their phone.


It seems that your mate hasn’t figured out that you have guessed his password yet again. While going through their phone, you are trying everything in your power to make sure that you don’t open a pending text message that they know they left unread.


While in the restroom, you go through their social media accounts to check their DM’s and you have finally come across what you’ve been dreading to see. The photo or messages in their inbox sends you over the edge, now what?


How are you going to handle this situation? Do you approach them with the information that you’ve found? Do you keep your findings to yourself as you build your case? Why do you keep allowing yourself to go down this road with him/her?


You know that you’ve promised yourself, time and time again, that you would never let someone bring you to this point. Why do they feel the need to entertain these other men or women? You start to question your worth and wonder why you are not enough. These are the questions and concerns that constantly f*ck with your mind and emotions.


We have all been there at one point in a relationship. Sometimes, we bring up our findings immediately hoping that it will bring the closure we were once looking for. But, do you really need to bring it up as if it isn’t obvious that they have been dipping in and out of the relationship? They know they are wrong, yet we constantly stick around hoping sh*t is going to eventually change.


Most of the time the snooping does nothing but upset you more than you would have imagined. Honestly, you know that you are not ready to part ways with this fool, even after gathering a pile of files. Now, you feel like an idiot because you continue entertaining their bulls*t. What is it going to take for you to finally leave? Do they have to have sex in front you in order for you to come to your senses?


It’s not like you didn’t know they were scum before you met them. They showed you all the signs that they were entertaining other people but of course you refused to pay attention to it. We have to listen to our gut more often and stop listening to our genitals.


When you know better you do better, right? We should not have to put so much time and energy into trying to figure out if our significant other is cheating. We did not sign up to be a FBI agent or detective when getting into our relationships. Trust is the name of the game and if our union lacks that, then there is no need in continuing the relationship.


Are you a snooper? Do you go through your mate’s phone even if they have not given any indication of foul behavior? Have you ever found what you were looking for?


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