So He's Cheating, What Kind Of Woman Does That Make You?

So He’s Cheating, What Kind Of Woman Does That Make You?

Everyone has their own theories as to why men cheat and what will keep a man from cheating. If you’ve ever been cheated on you’ve probably asked yourself time and time again if there is anything you could have done to avoid it. I have broken down the different type of “cheated on” women and why they think they were cheated on. 


First we have the Blame The Other Woman woman. This is the woman who believes that if the other whores (for a lack of a better word) respected the sanctity of your relationship your man wouldn’t have strayed in the first place. This is the woman who feels that every chick is eyeing her man and is usually the type to fight the other woman when her man is caught cheating. She’s usually the one answering his cell phone and calling back all of the chick’s numbers and in most cases the man gets away with minimal damage. She believes that all women are competition and don’t mind competing for a man regardless of if he is already in a relationship. 


Then we have the Men Are Expected To Cheat woman. This is the woman who takes a page out of Tyrese’s book (click here) and believes that before a man ever steps out with another woman, it is already to be expected. She believes that nothing she could have done would have stopped him and that a dog will be a dog. Not to say that this woman will not get angry over this action, but she strongly believes that men are genetically engineered to cheat and there is nothing you can do about it. 


Third we have the Blame The Man woman. She is the type that believes that men should be held accountable for their actions and that men CHOOSE to cheat. She does not believe that men are genetically engineered to cheat nor does she believe that you should blame the other woman. A man is perfectly capable of turning down pu**y and if he is too weak to do so, he should be to blame. This is the woman who knows that not all men cheat but the ones that do are definitely out weighing the ones that don’t. She does not call the other woman to start sh-t, she does not fight over a no good man, she may bust the windows out of his car however, because she knows that the man controls his own d-ck.


Lastly we have the Blame Myself woman. I believe that we all have been this woman at some point but some women blame themselves for the rest of their lives. These women feel that if they dressed better, submitted to their men more, gave him more sex or cooked and cleaned more that somehow that would have convinced him to stay. These are often the type of women that are okay with their men being jobless and laying up on the couch all day. This is okay, because she will provide and if it keeps him happy she is happy. She feels empty when he’s away and will do anything to keep him. There is more of this going on than many of the other types of women.

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