Makeup Artist and Social Media Star Chelsie Worthy Calls Out Makeup Artists For Stealing Her Editing Style Without Credit

Social media sensation and makeup artist Chelsie Worthy is calling out other makeup artists for biting her editing style.

Worthy became well-known a few years back after her unique editing style for her makeup tutorials went viral.  Her bomb makeup and engaging videos gained more than 330,000 followers on Instagram and hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscribers.

Worthy turned her name into a brand with her blog and website called WVRTHY, which features online content and a web store where consumers can buy the products she reviews. But, like many Black women – she isn’t being credited for her work and originality she’s put into her tutorial videos. Worthy’s videos feature unique edits, including flames, specific video cuts, as well as snippets of her grooving while beating her face. These specific edits are what catapulted her career, and she wants the copy cats to put some respect on her name.

This past Sunday, Worthy took to Instagram and expressed her disappointment in other more established makeup artists stealing her editing style. “I’m not being quiet anymore. “Black ball” me, unfollow me, hate me, drag me. Whatever. I said what I said. If takin this lying down is what I need to do in order to be successful then I will find success elsewhere. I’m sick of being depressed over this constantly contemplating if I even want to go on. What God has for me, no man can EVER take away,” she wrote.

She went on to discuss how it isn’t only makeup artists like #PatrickStarrr and #RogerMuru who has been stealing her style. “I’m not saying I “own” this editing style. I’m saying I CREATED IT YEARS AGO. There are ARTICLES, REVIEWS, REACTIONS, and NEWS SEGMENTS to prove it,” she added Worthy ended while questioning why Black makeup artists aren’t credited the way non-Black artists are.

Chelsie Worthy Talks Stealers

Since Worthy’s post, both Jackie Ania and Patrick Starr have responded.


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