Someone’s Watching: Amazon and Ring Sued Over Breach of Privacy

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Ring Inc., a home security system owned by Amazon, has brought legal troubles to both companies.

The Amazon Ring provides homeowners with what they thought was a safe and secure way to monitor their homes 24 hours a day. Yesterday, however, Amazon and Ring were served with a class-action lawsuit in reference to recent hackings.

John Baker Orange, the named plaintiff, claims that last July, his outdoor security system was hacked, and the hacker proceeded to comment on his kids who were playing basketball, enticing them to move closer to the camera.

According to, “The credentials and user data of 3,672 Ring camera owners were compromised and exposed login emails, passwords, time zones and names people give to specific ring cameras.” With such critical information, hackers can then access a customer’s home address, telephone number, and payment information.

The lawsuit claims that there were at least 6 other hacks across the country. Another one includes the infamous video of a man claiming to be Santa Claus to a customer’s daughter in Mississippi.

The suit alleges that Ring and Amazon have refused to take any responsibility, placing the blame for the breach on the owners of the security system.

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