Sources Say Don Lemon "Inconsolable" Over Chris Cuomo Suspension

Sources Say Don Lemon “Inconsolable” Over Chris Cuomo Suspension

Don Lemon is reportedly devastated about Chris Cuomo being suspended from CNN.

Lemon and Cuomo have been coworkers at CNN and friends for quite some time. The men launched a podcast together, The Handoff, though its future is uncertain following the severe accusations against Cuomo. He has been accused of looking up information about the women accusing his brother, former New York governor Andrew Cuomo, of sexual misconduct.

A source close to CNN shared that Lemon dropped to his knees and was “inconsolable” after learning that Cuomo was not returning to his position as host of “Cuomo Prime Time.” The source also claimed that Lemon was “lost” before Cuomo arrived at the network, who helped to guide Lemon’s career.

Cuomo was initially going to remain in his position despite his brother facing a high-profile sexual assault case. However, the latest discovery that he did more than “advise” his brother on his case sealed the deal for CNN, which announced his release on Tuesday. Cuomo spoke about the suspension on his SiriusXM radio show, calling the suspension “embarrassing,” but says he understands.



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  1. That’s not right why is he being punished for his brother CNN SHAME ON YOU

    • Agreed 100% CNN will never be the same , ratings will drop, you’ve just made the worst decision as a network. Chris was the best thing that ever happened to CNN

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