Sources Say Meek Mill Stared Nicki Minaj Down Prompting WeHo Shouting Match

As the drama between exes Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj continues, sources close to both parties have provided conflicting accounts of the West Hollywood showdown.

The former couple crossed paths over the weekend inside the high-end clothing store Maxfield in WeHo. While sources close to Meek claimed Nicki and her new man, Kenneth Petty, started the drama, Nicki’s sources tell TMZ it was, in fact, the other way around.

Shortly after video footage surfaced of the incident, which showed the three involved in a screaming match, sources close to the Philly rapper said he was already in the store when the Queens couple came in and approached him. As the conversation escalated, Meek reportedly asked if they could all talk in private, but the two refused, and a screaming match ensued.

However, according to the publication, Meek just wanted to keep things civil because “He’s just happy he’s in a much better place, personally and professionally, than he was back when he and Nicki were dating.”

On the other hand, sources close to the “Barbie Dreams” rapper told TMZ that the entire ordeal erupted after she was stared down by Meek upon entry.

According to the publication, the two had barely entered the store before Meek caught their attention with a glaring look, but contrary to the Philly rapper’s claims, sources say the two did not approach him. Apparently, the three just happened to cross paths, and things took a turn from there.

But, in regards to Meek’s claim that he asked for a conversation in private to keep things copasetic, sources close to Nicki say that’s not the case, claiming he started it all and is still obsessed with Nicki.

What are your thoughts? Who do you believe?

Meek Mill vs Nicki MInaj

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  1. Omg!! Wonder if this will change the public’s perception of her LOL well I know that if I was mackin’ with Nicki Minaj…. you know I’d be using a penis health creme to make certain that I was getting those vitamins and amino acids that I needed to increase that blood flow, make me smell better… etc. Lots of things help that nastiness down there.

    • I believe the Meek Mills team, you can hear on the video him asking to speak one-on-one, and dude saying no, then calling Meek a pussy nigga. Meek is in a much better place without Niki, he has come along way and Im proud of him. Nikki is mad that she let him go to soon. She thought Meek wasn’t on her level and she let him go, he proved her wrong and know she feels stupid!!! #teammeek

  2. Nikki got way more clout she worth over 1 Hundred million Meek aint even got 10 million in cash if it weren’t for Roc Nation he wouldn’t have shit most women cling back to who makes them feel better after years of mis trust she don’t wanna be with him he aint that tough of a Rapper aftr all these years he just under Roc Nation. E-40 raps better than him . He could of spoke said hi and kept it pushing He cant even get a high profile broad under his wings he rolling solo with dudes not even in her class believe me Nikki can get who ever she wants at this stage in her life. She put him on a throne and he couldn’t match her life style so why not go under the radar Keep what you got Sexxy Momma he broke as far as the upper class go He got Roc Nation keeping him floating he never went double platinum no Grammy’s nothing

    • Fhr dude she with now is broke as hell he living off her..mofo just got out of jail..he the pussy ass n….. Living off a women.

    • Niggas be wildn chasing pussy they ain't never gone get

      Nicki ain’t gotta 100 mill….n meek got more than 10 nigha get off her dicc already

  3. I believe meek, Nicki is a attention seeker and u can hear very clear in the video Meek asks can they talk in private and u hear Nicki yelling and then you hear her dude call Meek a pussy.. that was doing to much which clearly indicated Nicki still feel some type of way towards Meek Mills, Nicki always been a weird to me..

  4. I think it was all a publicity stunt?

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