Sources Say Wendy Williams Is “Completely On Edge” Over Her Husband’s Alleged Infidelity Amid Rumors That Mistress Is Pregnant

Wendy Williams is “completely on edge” over her husband’s alleged affair, sources say.

A source close to Entertainment Tonight revealed the 54-year-old talk show host has been living in a sober house partly due to her husband’s infidelity. The source said, “she’s melting down over her husband having a mistress.” In addition, her husband, #KevinHunter, has reportedly impregnated his side chick.

“Wendy is completely on edge,” the source said, mentioning that Williams’ health is a critical condition because of the scandal. The source alleged that Hunter put Williams in the sober living home so that she would be out of the way by the time the baby comes.

Last year, Williams hired a private investigator to confirm the cheating rumors about her husband. The PI provided the host with several pieces of evidence, which led to Williams confronting Hunter. The two ended up getting into a fight that allegedly led to Williams’ fractured shoulder. The source said Williams sought a divorce but was convinced by Hunter to go to marriage counseling. The source explained Williams, while vibrant in nature; she is completely controlled and abused by her husband.

Hunter also greatly influences Williams’ career; another source claims Williams struggles to make business deals which is why she wants to keep him around.  Williams opened up about her time in the sober home, calling the experience “really interesting.”

Wendy Williams On Edge
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