South African Pastor Gives Congregation Rat Poison to “Show Forth Their Faith”


In recent years, a few South African pastors have faced major criticism for their unusual teachings and practices among their congregation. In 2014, a pastor, who parishioners called “the miracle worker,” encouraged churchgoers to eat grass for strength and healing. In 2015, another pastor said he had turned a snake to chocolate and then convinced his members to eat the body to show their faith. This eventually led to his arrest on suspicion of animal cruelty. Now, another pastor has been condemned for leading his congregation to follow unorthodox practices to prove their faith in the Lord.


Christian pastor, Light Monyeki convinced churchgoers at the Grace Living Hope Ministries to drink water and rat poison for nourishment and healing. According to the Daily Mail, Monyeki took the first sip from the bottle of contaminated water. Afterwards, several members of the church followed suit.

The church shared photos of the controversial incident on Facebook, writing, “The man of God, Prophet Light Monyeki demonstrates power of faith by causing congregants to drink Rattax; deadly poison to show forth their faith.”


“As he was doing that he said ‘we do not need to proclaim faith because we are believers. If nyope boys can smoke Rattax for more than 8years, who are we? Death has no power over us,’” the post read.


“Then he declared life from above upon the water mixed with Rattax; and spoke nourishment unto bodies and healing unto the sick. A multitude of congregants voluntarily ran to the front to have a drink of the deadly poison. After declaring nourishment and healing, Prophet Light was the first one to drink.”


According to the Daily Mail, Nyaope is a street drug that has become popular in South Africa, which is compromised of low-grade heroin, rat poison and detergents.


Since the church posted the images online, many commenters have denounced the pastor’s practice, calling him a false prophet and a liar.


One said, “The bible warns us against fraudsters like you. The media is reporting that you killed five people with this ridiculous stunt. You should be facing charges of murder. You are not a Christian and are abusing the name of God.”


Another wrote, “Light, first of all you are not a prophet, at least not of the God in heaven. You don’t know what the word prophet means, you and all who are like you, the snakes, grass, doom, and whatever “prophets”. All these things you are doing to the desperate people of God, you will give an account for. I pray that you repent and forsake your evil ways. You claim to be a prophet but you don’t know that your time is limited here on earth. Please confess and repent before it’s to late for you. God cares about you more than He cares about anything else.


“I personally question the spirit behind all those act. De word of God says my ppl are perishing because of lack of knowledge. God have mercy on Us. Our country has turned into a circus,” someone else wrote.


The post has been shared nearly two thousand times, with almost one thousand comments, most denouncing the pastor’s practices, while others praise his power.


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