South Carolina Police Are Looking For A DMX Doppelgänger

South Carolina authorities released a sketch composite of an attempted murder suspect, and many believed they knew exactly who the suspect was based on the photo… rapper DMX. But the reason why was simple, a witness claimed the assailant looked just like the Grammy-nominated rapper.

“The witness said to us, ‘The guy looks a lot like DMX,’” South Carolina Law Enforcement Division spokesperson Thom Berry said before authorities assured the media that DMX is NOT the actual suspect.

A “very well trained and respected” forensic artist followed the direction of the witness and used a photo of DMX to create the alleged suspect. The similarities between the two are evident, but there are also a few distinct differences. DMX has rocked a clean-shaven look for most of his career, the suspect, however, has a head full of hair and a beard.

“We always let the witness dictate the process and how everything unfolds,” Berry explained. “We make sure the witness sees everything we do and is comfortable with whatever rendering that we make.”

Police are looking for the suspect in regards to a shooting that took place earlier this month. According to reports, police found a 27-year-old male victim outside of an apartment complex with injuries to his lower body and authorities are now searching for a man in his 30s that looks like DMX.


DMX Doppleganger

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