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South Dakota Man Charged With Storming The U.S. Capitol Makes Rap Video About The Riot

South Dakota man charged with storming the U.S. Capitol posted rap videos about the riots on Youtube.

According to the FBI, a relative of Billy Knutson told authorities all about Billy’s rap alias. Court documents show Knutson is a rapper who goes by ‘PlayboyTheBeast’ on Youtube. One of Knutson’s videos that gained attention was a song called “Patriots: Message To The World.” The video gained 60,000 views and features clips of the actual riot.

The relative also says Knutson confirmed he was at the riots after posting social media photos outside the U.S. Capitol.

Surveillance footage captures Knutson entering the building through a broken window near the Senate’s office. Knutson is seen conversing with other rioters and police officers while recording the action inside the Capitol.

Authorities traced a cellphone number belonging to Knutson back to one near the Capitol, the day of the riot.

Knutson was charged with disorderly conduct in the Capitol and entering a restricted building.

Knutson wasn’t the only person hit with charges following the riot. In fact, roughly 700 individuals were charged with federal crimes. Knutson isn’t the only person to create a rap video about the riot.

Felipe Marquez created a video covering Shaggy’s “It Wasnt Me” song, detailing his riot experience. However, last month Felipe was sentenced to three months of home confinement.

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