Ballerific Relationships: Spicing Up Christmas For Your Man

Ballerific Relationships: Spicing Up Christmas For Your Man

The holidays. It’s the season of giving and sharing. Days and nights will be spent in the malls and online to find the perfect gift. There are gifts that make us happy, and there are gifts that we will never forget. This holiday season, don’t just share gifts. Share an experience. Ladies, here are a few ways to spice up the gifts your men want.

Get Unwrapped

One of the things you love about your man is how well dressed he is. When you met him, you felt like he belonged between the pages of GQ. Speaking of GQ, he went nuts over the jacket he seen in the last issue. You being the good girlfriend that you are, you got it for him. Now, how are you going to give him? The traditional way would be to fold it nicely and put it in a gift bag with tissue paper. However, you want him to enjoy it before he even gets to wear it. When you’re ready to present him with his gift, put it on and nothing else. That’s right, under his new jacket, be completely naked. The idea is to get him to do things to make you take it off. When that happens, you become his gift, and the jacket will be wrapping paper.

Added Feature

Whenever you and your man are out, he becomes Terry Richardson. He can’t help but take pictures. Getting him a new camera is a no-brainer. He’ll love you for it. Before you gift-wrap it, add a feature that doesn’t come standard with that camera; you. Learn the camera’s timer feature and snap pictures of yourself. Give him three looks. Look 1, find one of his white dress shirts, and snap pictures of you wearing that with panties and no bra. Look 2, pull out your sexiest Victoria’s Secret lingerie and become his personal Adriana Lima. When posing, imagine that he’s in the room and that you’re teasing him. Look 3, naked. Make these pictures raunchy. Touch yourself. If you’re a little nasty, show him some pink. Become his Playboy centerfold. After you’re all done, save the best pictures, put them in the box, and gift-wrap it. When he unwraps his gift on Christmas morning and discovers this new feature you added, he’ll unwrap you.

Be A Stocking Stuff Her

Times are hard, and the recession has affected everyone’s pockets, including yours. Your man wanted an iPhone4 or an Xbox but quite frankly, “you ain’t got it, you ain’t got it.” That doesn’t mean his Christmas has to suck. It’s customary to kiss under the mistletoe, but you’re going to do your man one better. You’re going to give him head under the mistletoe. You’re not going to give him that “you gave me head so I’ll give you head” type of head or that “fine, I’ll give you some head” type of head. You’re going to give him that, “Hi, Santa. I’m you’re ho, ho, ho” type of head. The type of head that subdues a man and makes him go silent for the entire evening. First things first, dress the part.  Wear heels, stockings, panties, bra, and the whole nine. Have him lean against the wall and get on your knees. You’re going to own him for the next 15 minutes. Starting from his sack, lick his shaft up to the head and then go straight for the deep throat. Deep throat him slowly for about a minute or two. If you’re talented, do it with no hands. As you deep throat, keep your mouth nice and wet until you see his sack dripping wet. The entire time, make sure his back never leaves the wall. Using your hands, use the “Karrine Steffans” technique as you slide his shaft in and out of your mouth. Moan while you give him head. From time to time, suck on his balls as you stroke him. When it’s time for him to cum, cuff his sack with one hand, stroke him with the other, and suck on the head. When he cums, deep throat him as he collapses. It’ll be his best Christmas ever.

Note: Sex should always be committed between two consenting adults. Always practice safe sex.


Written by @TheilluminADY

Spice Up Christmas

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