Spike Lee Calls Christopher Columbus A “Terrorist:” ”Let’s Be Honest About Our History And Let’s Move Forward”

Spike Lee says Christopher Columbus was a terrorist.

Spike Lee is well-known for keeping it real when it comes to politics, race and other social issues. During an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” the iconic director called Christopher Columbus – the man who claimed to have discovered America – a “terrorist.”

“Well I just think that what we’ve seen, it’s evident to me that this stuff has never gone away,” Lee said, before explaining his attire for the interview. Lee wore a Black hooded sweatshirt with the text “1619” written on it, which Lee said is a reference to when the “the first slaves were brought to this country, Jamestown, Virginia.

“I think that a lot of people need to know this. Because this is part of American history, which is not all good,” Lee said. “You know, I think that when I was in public school in Brooklyn, New York, I was not told George Washington owned slaves. I was told that he chopped down the cherry tree and wouldn’t tell a lie. In 1492, this guy, this terrorist sailed the ocean blue.”

“I mean, we have got to start teaching, I feel my opinion, let’s be honest about our history and let’s move forward,” he continued. He went on to say that if the country doesn’t become more transparent about its history “we’re going to be talking about this stuff again and again and again,” he said, adding that “we have got to move forward.”

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