Spooky SZN: Would You Visit Any of These Haunted Places Across The Country?
The Conjuring House (Instagram)

Spooky SZN: Would You Visit Any of These Haunted Places Across The Country?

Halloween is right around the corner, so you know what that means– we have a few weeks left of spooking ourselves.

If you are down to visit rumored haunted locations, then this piece is for you. PEOPLE recently released their list of top ten haunted houses across the U.S., from New York to California. It’s up to your level of bravery on whether you want to tour or spend the night.

Check out this list below:

Winchester Mansion in San Jose, California, is the work of Sarah Lockwood Pardee. She made obsessive renovations to the two-story farmhouse after the death of her husband, firearms mogul William Winchester.

The home, for reasons still unknown, was redesigned to include 40 staircases, 2,000 doors, and all sorts of nods to the number 13. Construction started in 1886 and stopped after her death in 1922, leaving the house unfinished. Its spooky history and architectural oddities inspired the movie Winchester.

Visitors have claimed to feel Sarah’s presence in the house, including psychics who say they can “sense” her “Generally, it’s kind of good energies, though often sad,” Winchester

Harrisville, Rhode Island Conjuring House, built in 1736, is the inspiration for the horror movie The Conjuring and is a favorite among haunted house loves. One perk is that visitors can stay overnight in the farmhouse. It is well known for its paranormal activity-most, most notably when paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren conducted a séance for the house’s inhabitants, the Perron family, during the 1970s and experienced several harrowing supposed encounters there.

While no specific ghost has been identified at the location, visitors have claimed books randomly fell from shelves and said they saw “shadow figures” in the upstairs bedrooms. In the same room, one of the Perron daughters was tormented by an unseen force.

The Hobo Hill House could fool you with its cozy appearance, but it ranks high on the haunted list. One hundred years after it was built in 1910 in Jefferson City, Missouri, the home was purchased by Aaron and Erin Clark in 2017. They soon started noticing strange occurrences, such as the kitchen sink and other appliances frequently turning on themselves. But the creepiest part may have been when their 8-year-old daughter started having sudden night terrors and sleepwalking. “It seemed as if she was possessed because she would be really wide-eyed and shaking,” Aaron told News Tribune.

The family spent seven months in the home before deciding to move out and make it an Airbnb for those who like paranormal activity.

The Witch House in Salem, Massachusetts, is the “only structure you can visit in Salem with direct ties to the Salem Witch Trials of 1692,” its official website reads. The home was bought in 1675 by Jonathan Corwin. He was responsible for charging and executing nineteen people suspected of witchcraft. The house is said to harbor the “Corwin Curse,” which was supposedly responsible for the premature deaths of all five of his children

Countless visitors have claimed they felt the presence of unseen spirits and heard disembodied voices while visiting the property.

Villisca Ax Murder House is tied to a chilling story that dates back to 1912, when two adults, Josiah and Sarah Moore, and six children were brutally murdered in the Villisca, Iowa, house. While the murderer was never caught, there are four people that historians have suspected of committing the crime, with Frank F. Jones, an Iowa State Senator at the time and Josiah’s former employer, being at the top of the list.

The ghosts of the Moore family are said to haunt the property. Visitors say they have felt the presence of Josiah and Sarah, along with their four children and two friends, murdered in their beds. Visitors can book a stay to see if they’re brave enough.

Adams, Tennesse, is home to John Bell’s Cabin and the Bell Witch Cave, a creepy farm where John Bell and his family once lived. The location also has an eerie on-site cave that’s been the site of much paranormal activity. The haunting dates back to the early 1800s after Bell purchased the land. He started seeing oddly shaped animals and hearing whispers from phantom entities and his youngest daughter, Betsy, allegedly felt an unseen force pull her hair and slap her. There were claims that she would wake up with hand prints all over her face and body.

The spirit supposedly responsible is known as the Bell Witch. However, her identity has never been confirmed.

The hauntings of Texas’ Grove House trace back to a woman named Louise Young, who lived on the property in the early 1900s until she died in the ’80s. She frequently talked about the “haints” that occurred on the property, which included the sight of shadow figures walking around the house at night. After Young’s death, other owners reported hearing faint voices and footsteps along with smelling “unpleasant” odors, according to the home’s website.

Sightings of a woman dressed in all white have been reported, but no one knows who she may be.

The Campbell House, located in Spokane, Washington, has an interesting back story. Amasa B. Campbell and Grace Fox moved into the newly-built home in 1898, where they witnessed three of their children murdered and one kidnapped on the property. The story has been debunked on the grounds the couple only had one child, who died in the 1960s.

Still, visitors claimed to see ghostly figures of young children and hear strange noises at the property.

Could you stay in a bed and breakfast that has a horror story? Well, Burn Brae Mansion currently operates as a charming bed and breakfast, but before that, it was the home of Margaret Ross MacKenzie Elkin and her husband, Charles Elkin. The two built the house in 1907 on her father’s $3.5 million estate. It allegedly guarantees guests a spooky stay and even offers private paranormal investigations for groups.

Visitors have reported hearing disembodied children’s voices and witnessing doors open and close on their own Guests have also spotted all kinds of ghostly figures. Eerie sounds of an organ playing have also been reported; however, there is no organ on the property.

Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey’s Hermitage, is a historic mansion purchased for the first time in 1767 by a woman named Ann Bartow DeVisme. The Hermitage hosted a few famous figures from the Revolutionary War era, including Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and even George Washington, for a few days. After the owner’s death, the house was sold to Elijah Rosegrant, who kept the estate in his family for 163 years. It is currently owned by the State of New Jersey and serves as a museum, and is said to be haunted by many spirits.

Visitors have encountered an excess of paranormal activity. Local medium Craig McManus hosts ghost tours and gatherings on the property on Halloween. During these tours, people reportedly saw a woman in the upstairs window and heard disembodied voices.

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