Sports Agent Rich Paul Named Head Of Sports Division For Hollywood Talent Agency

It’s no secret that NBA players influence trends for the culture both on and off the court. In understanding the connection between pro-athletes star power and the entertainment industry, a leading company, United Talent Agency, came up with a brilliant solution. They announced the creation of a sports division and named famed agent, Rich Paul as the divisions lead. In addition, Paul’s company, Klutch Sports Group, will maintain its own branding while aligning with the agency to spearhead this division.

Paul currently represents LeBron James and 22 major athletes under his Klutch Sports Group and the United Talent Agency represents leading Hollywood stars such as, Angelina Jolie, Kevin Hart, and Tiffany Haddish. This partnership is a strategic move to rise above the competition and offer players the ability to have more say in the teams they play for and entertainment industry opportunities. LeBron James took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the news by stating, “Proud of you, my brother!! You have no idea how much so. Continue to change the narrative & push the culture! So many kids in our community look up to you for inspiration as well. You are setting a great example of hard work, dedication, and taking an opportunity to the max!”

As an agent, Paul is regarded as, “the most discussed, admired, loathed, ridiculed, daring and feared” in a feature by Sports Illustrated magazine.

Most importantly, he feels that “Guys want more. Guys want to build separate businesses. I tell our clients all the time that the most money you’re ever going to make in your life is probably going to be doing what you were born to do, but it’s O.K. to think outside the box.” His formula for success may be unorthodox, but it yields results. Closing over $1 billion in contracts since establishing his own company, like him or not, Rich Paul is proving that he has staying power.

Rich Paul
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