Starbucks Drinks Will Be Half Off This Thursday

Starbucks Rolling Out New Ice, Leaving Customers With Mixed Feelings

Starbucks is having a so icy Summer of sorts, and customers are having mixed reactions. 

The coffee chain recently announced that they were switching up the type of ice they use in their drinks. Instead of continuing tradition with their ice cubes, Starbucks will now begin using ice nuggets. The company will pull off the switch by introducing new machines that create the chunks. Ice nuggets are noticeably different from cubes. They tend to be smaller and denser, similar to the crushed ice. 

Fans caught wind of the ice swap in a viral post within the subreddit r/Starbucks. One user, who is apparently an employee, alerted their fellow Reddit users about the change by sharing an image of the new pebble-shaped ice. 

“New special ice…We are 1 of 3 cafe stores testing the new ice. What do you guys think? It looks like the ice at Sonic,” they wrote.

The new frost received a ton of feedback, with some praising it as an alleged delicacy for those suffering from anemia. Even with ice eaters admitting this is their preferred type of ice, they felt it’s not the best for caffeinated drinks. Others pointed out major flaws, sharing that the nuggets could clog particular strawless lids. Some expressed the ice nuggets might melt too fast in espresso drinks. Despite such an intense conversation, Starbucks has confirmed that the machines will only be in specific locations now. 

Formally known as “Chewblet” ice, Starbucks is giving its customers peace of mind by assuring them that the new frozen water chunks have been tested. They have confirmed on several occasions that the ice does not melt faster than the cubes. Starbucks cafes with a high volume of cold drinks will get the machines first, as others will roll out throughout the year. 

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