Starter Wife Zakia Says Maino Was Cheating On Her With Lil Kim

Although Starter Wives Confidential has been cancelled, it doesn’t mean that the wives will stop doing press and airing things off their chest. Now it’s Zakia Baum’s turn. She’s the ex-girlfriend and baby mother of rapper Maino. Maino, in the past couple of years has been pretty vocal about having some sort of relationship with Kim, even penning her a love song. After that, all was forgotten. Well, In a recent interview with Street Disciplez Radio, Zakia says that she was being warned by friends that Maino and Kim had a thing going on and although she didn’t believe it at first, she found it to be true. She goes on to mention how Kim was originally dating Maino’s best friend so she when she’d see photos of Maino and Kim together, she didn’t think anything of it.

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