How To Stay Away From Married Men

A committed and married man in and of itself should be the ultimate no-go zone for single women, but that’s just not always the case. There’s a certain allure to forbidden love that can be very appealing and while both parties share responsibility for their actions, there are some things that you can do ladies to avoid this drama altogether. 

Married Equals OFF LIMITS- he cannot be your friend, no, you cannot exchange contact information and you cannot play it off like, “it’s not even like that.” Affairs never really start off with ill intent, but I assure you, feelings and lust creep up quickly and unexpectedly. 

He’s Not Leaving His Wife- because they rarely do. Listen, married men are just like the men you come across while dating. The only exception is they are actually married to someone else. Everything that glitters ain’t gold and no matter how good of a man he appears to be on the outside, he is still likely to be his wife’s pain in the ass. It doesn’t matter how nice, how sweet or how awesome he is to you. If push comes to shove and a choice has to be made, the woman on the side is usually the first to go. 

Men Should Do Better- no question about it. There’s plenty of eye candy out here that can be tempting to any man with a pulse. However, there’s no justification for a man to disregard his vows for the sole purpose of sex, but men wouldn’t be able to cheat if the women he pursues or entertains  keep their legs closed. 

You Deserve More Sis- and I mean this from the bottom of my heart. There is a person out here who was created to love you, exclusively. Your blessing of a protector, best friend, confidant, lover and ultimately a husband, will not come to you presented as someone else’s. 

Consider Her- no, you don’t owe anyone any favors. Hell, you don’t even have to like the wife, but consider her. Consider her feelings, her family, her relationship, her stress, her struggles and make a conscious decision to not be one more thing for her to worry about. Sisterhood goes a long way ladies. 

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