11 Ways To Stay Motivated When All Seems Lost

11 Ways To Stay Motivated When All Seems Lost

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It happens to the best of us. I hate that phrase…. It happens to ALL of us. When you’re on the road to success, staying motivated isn’t always an easy task. Sometimes there are days when you’re just…outdone. You literally don’t have the energy to move, and the pressures of your life are weighing you down. Whether you’re unemployed, waiting to hear back from a prospective job, working off student loans, rehearsing for an audition or just trying to find your calling in life. Or, those days when everything seems to be going wrong, no one who understands and your enthusiasm is at an all-time low.

Trust me, I get it. I’ve been there. It sucks and can be depressing. But, there are every day practices you can do that will build and perfect you – and ultimately help you on your way to greatness. Throughout my journey I’ve taken note of everything I did, and still do to keep myself sharp, inspired and resilient during those tough times.

So, of course, I wanted to share them with you!

  1. Work Out

I had to have this as number one on my list because it’s just so helpful in numerous ways. Yes, keep your body fit and healthy! Why? Because why not? Whether you take a run in the park, do a few sit-ups or push-ups in the evening or even attend a Zumba class (my personal fave), working out is a great tool for staying pumped. If your body feels good then so will your mind. Studies even show exercise and other physical activity produce endorphins, (chemicals in the brain), that act as natural painkillers that improve your sleep which in turn reduces stress. Nifty right? So get your butt up and work out, you’ll instantly feel better. All the aggravation you feel in regards to life push it out at the gym. Plus when you look better you feel better!

  1. Pray and/or Meditate

I pray when I eat, sleep, wake up and honestly just because. It’s soothing and balances my energy. Taking time out to chat with God about life is the purest moment of my day. Having a non-material moment allows you to reconnect with your spirit and focus your mind. What I find the most enchanting about my times of prayer is the silence. It’s non-judgmental. I can completely be myself in the comfort of my own company and the Lord’s.

  1. Have a Spa Day/Pamper Yourself

This is one of my favorite things to do. I love my spa days. And no, I don’t go to a salon or make any hair appointments. You can though, just don’t. So if you are a frugal person like myself, I just schedule a day dedicated to me catering to myself. I wash my hair, clip my nails, moisturize my skin – anything. It’s pretty much just a day of grooming. I like to do upkeep on the body because it makes me feel good. I just turn on my favorite movie and take the time to love on myself. I know that sounds weird but if you love yourself you should show yourself appreciation as well.

  1. Stay Around Positive People

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. Seriously, if you have negative people in your life you have negative energy in your life. And when you’re trying to succeed and reach a certain level or plateau the last thing you need in your life is negativity. I’m a huge energy enthusiast and if I can’t vibe with you then I say bye to you. No jokes, no questions asked. It’s a done deal. Unfortunately, you may not always know that someone is a bad energy. I’ve had people in my life I thought were friends and ended up being haters, jealous, backstabbers or in competition with me. People will smile in your face while plotting against you and you won’t even know it unless you pay attention. But once you see they have nothing but ill intentions…You need to cut it!

  1. Talk to Your Parents/Mentor 

I get it, parents just don’t understand. But let’s be honest though, they do. They already lived life, been there and done that. Let them school you real quick. Every morning, I kid you not, every morning I call my mom before I go to work. Unless she or my dad don’t pick up which in that case, I text them in our family group chat. I know…we’re cute, huh? But seriously, I talk to my parents as much as possible because that is my safe place, as it is for most people. And if your parents are real ones like mine they will always be there to give you relevant and honest advice. I mean sheesh, that’s what they’re here for. To teach you about life and help you work your way through it. If your parents aren’t around then definitely take on a mentor. They will stand as your wise, outside source to life and all its mystery.

  1. Keep a Diary/Journal 

Having a journal has the same effect as praying almost. It’s non-judgmental and free. I’ve had my journal since I was in middle school and it has everything in it from goals, daily adventures, stories of heartache, poetry, to-do lists, show ideas, job prospects; the list could go on. There are no limits so write away! And don’t set up a time to journal, unless you’re that kind of person, just do it when something comes to mind and you’d like to write it down. Having a journal shouldn’t feel like having an assignment, just write when you feel compelled to. Every thought that I think is in my journal, and just like my mind, only I know what’s in it. So if and when you decide to journal don’t let anyone see it. Those moments you share should be shared only with you.

  1. Listen to Music

I think this one is simple. On my way to work, every day, I listen to music. It’s a great way to kick your day off and be in the rhythm of success. Ha, get it? Anyway, yeah have a jam session throughout your day. Dance if you want to. Free yourself and get lost in beats, sounds and lyrics. Now me, I like to listen to trap music (Tee Grizzly and/or 21 savage) in the morning because it pumps me up. I know exactly what songs will make me excited to start and finish my day strong. Music also manages your stress level. Listening to music directly effects our emotions as humans and can be a huge factor in how our day will go.

  1. Color and Draw

I know this may sound childish, but I love coloring. And yes, I love drawing. Again, because it is free and there is no pressure involved. Studies have also shown that drawing and coloring help with anxiety and stress. It’s so beneficial that adult coloring books are now a thing. Isn’t that cool? No? It’s just me…okay. I’d buy one, but I am still trying to finish my Disney princess one. Yep, you read it correctly. Disney princess. I have a Disney princess coloring book and I am damn proud.

  1. Plan and Set Your Goals

Here’s where it gets serious. If you want to be successful you have to work towards it. Period. Every day. Your career has to be your full-time job. Your personal life is your career. You have to want it more than anything and you have to be willing to fight for it. Every day. PERIOD. When you make plans and you set a time frame of when you want something done it makes you excited about your future. You also will take yourself more seriously if you have a layout of how you plan to achieve your goal. I don’t care if you keep an idea book or a note in your phone; you have to document the steps you are taking to reach your goal. I have probably about 50 different notes in my phone in addition to the ones in my journal. I promise you the universe will move out of your way if you make it. So don’t make it a game, or else you will literally be playing yourself. No pun intended.

  1. Practice Your Craft

No one should be telling you to work at what you do. You should always be improving yourself. If you’re an actor/actress, practice your monologue in the shower. If you are a broadcaster, read your scripts in the car on your way to work. I mean it when I say your craft has to be your ENTIRE life. You shouldn’t be thinking about anything more than your dream. And when you practice you’ll never have to get ready because you’ll always be ready. Plus you’ll be more familiar of and comfortable in your craft. As you know, practice makes perfect.

  1. Understand You’re NOT Alone

You’re not. Everyone has been in the same place you’re in. It’s life. It sucks sometimes, but the fact that you want more than what you have right now shows you have the tools to change your situation, move forward and make your dreams a reality. Just understand it won’t happen in one day though. It’s a lifestyle. Furthermore, know you are going to mess up, fail, get fired, lose interest, lose friends, miss special family events and even give up sometimes. There are going to be dreadful days, and there will be absolutely nothing you can do about it. When that moment comes, and it will, remember you’re not alone and that this too shall pass. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Enjoy life and all its lessons, this is your time to grow so let yourself bloom.


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