Stay Scheming: Did French Montana Ultimately Disrespect DJ Khaled *UPDATED*

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This story is a crazy one!! If you follow Hip Hop at all then you’ll need no introduction. If not, here’s a little back story. Do you remember back in 2009 when 50 Cent and Rick Ross were beefing? That beef eventually spilled over on to DJ Khaled, who then began to have his own issues with 50 Cent. Shortly after the DJ Khaled beef, a video leaked online of DJ Khaled’s mother asleep at work.


Needless to say Khaled was PISSED! Rightfully so. Well, according to one of our Baller Alert readers it turns out things are a little deeper than we may know. Allegedly, the man behind the camera was none other than rapper FRENCH MONTANA!  The “Shot Caller” rapper was running with 50 Cent at the time and since then the two have certainly crossed paths. Unfortunately for Khaled, he has no idea that French Montana may possibly be the person behind one of the biggest scandals in his career. Crazy!!!






Looks like it was correct and 50 Cent admits the entire thing in an interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood.

So if you didn’t believe in June, now you do. I wonder what DJ Khaled has to say about this.

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