Steph Curry Surprises “Hero” Father And His Son With Sneakers

Steph Curry Surprises “Hero” Father And His Son With Sneakers

NBA superstar Steph Curry made an eight-year-old boy’s dream come true. 

The young boy Jackson Smoak wrote a heartfelt letter to Curry telling him how much he appreciates his father for saving him from drowning at the age of 2. 

He asked Curry for his help in gifting his father with something special for Father’s Day.  Curry send the boy matching pairs of bright yellow “Coy Fish” Under Armour Curry 6s. 

The boy’s father, Jason Smoak gave his son CPR after he was found drowning in a pool.  He told WSOCTV he was shocked when the package from Curry arrived in the mail and he was extremely happy that he received such a gift. 

“It was supposed to be a Father’s Day surprise. I jumped up out of my seat it was so loud, it could have been a bomb,” Jason said. “That proves that he is nice and does love his fans,” Jackson said.

Steph Curry

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