Deion Sanders Claims Defensive Coordinator Will Be Hired at Colorado Soon
BOULDER, COLORADO - APRIL 22: Head coach Deion Sanders of the Colorado Buffaloes watches as his team warms up prior to their spring game at Folsom Field on April 22, 2023 in Boulder, Colorado. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Stephen A Smith Says if Florida State Was Coached By Deion Sanders They Would Have Made The College Football Playoffs [Video]

The Florida State Seminoles were devastated by the news Sunday that they would not be in the college football playoffs. After Quarterback Jordan Travis went down with a gruesome leg injury a few weeks ago, a lot of people counted this team out. They won out, defeating Louisville in the ACC championship 16-6 in Charlotte this past Saturday. 

With fate seeming to be in their hands, they grasped the opportunity, adapted, and won. However, it was not enough. The group of Max Russo, Shannon Sharpe, Stephen A Smith, and Paul Finebaum spoke about Florida State’s devastating reactions. 

Finebaum said the biggest perpetrator within Seminoles not making the CFP was First Take’s Stephen A Smith. He made the argument last week that America deserves better than to see another slaughter like last year when Georgia beat TCU 65-7 in the Championship game last year. 

That is a valid argument. Seeing how outmatched TCU was, football fans could see the same fate happening to the ACC Champions. Former Florida State Quarterback EJ Manuel came into First Take to defend his Seminoles, and rightfully so. They did win out, and some would say it was a business decision that was made for the sport’s quality. 

Stephen A Smith went on a brief soliloquy explaining exactly why Florida State did and could not make it. He assured them not to be mad at him or the committee and to direct that anger towards TCU. 

“The people you should be blaming most is TCU. TCU went into the national championship game last year and got beat down and bum-rushed 65 to 7. We have learned that college sports, particularly college football, is a business. The reality is when you take that into consideration and Jordan Travis is out and you look at the way yall struggled to beat Louisville 16 to 6, which wasn’t the most impressive way to go out. What you had was a committee that looked at what transpired last year from Alabama to the last 11 weeks late. They closed the deal obviously. 

Stephen A also harped on the NCAA caring about money and also pitched that if Deion Sanders were the head coach, they would have made the College Football Playoffs.

“You know what else I’m going to bring up? Primetime Deion Sanders. I bet you if Primetime Deion Sanders was their coach, they wouldn’t have gotten left out and Norvell is a sensational coach and has done a sensational job and I am not taking anything away from him. But why do I bring that up? Because if Primetime had an undefeated team the Sizzle that he brings to the sport matters. We wanna act like it doesn’t matter, but it matters. Because it’s a business and the reality is when TCU stinks up the joint, regardless of how great they were last year these are the kind of things that come back to haunt you because the committee is sitting back going like this ‘Damn, it’s Texas, it’s Washington, it’s Michigan, we don’t need to see Florida State without Jordan Travis in that game.

All valid points and arguments. Check out the clip from First Take this morning. College football bowl season is among us. Don’t you just love this time of year?

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