Exclusive: Stephen A. Smith Thinks Jake Paul Should be Respected as a Boxer [Video]

Exclusive: Stephen A. Smith Thinks Jake Paul Should be Respected as a Boxer [Video]

Jake Paul recently announced that he would join the MMA fighting scene after signing a multi-year contract with the Professional Fighters League. Paul started his career as a YouTuber before becoming a professional boxer.

Baller Alert caught up with Stephen A. Smith to discuss his thoughts on Paul’s career and skills as a boxer.

“I don’t know how good he is, but I know he’s good based off of what we’ve seen. I know he’s somebody that should be respected on a multitude of levels,” said Smith.

Paul has won numerous professional matches over the past three years, solidifying his name as a legit contender.

Smith shared that his commitment to boxing has elevated the sport. Smith stated, “Boxers need to appreciate him more because he is showing them that there’s a way to make money without being at the mercy of the promoters.”

Paul recently took to Instagram, stating, “I’m more athletic, have more heart, more of a WHY, more poised, more emotionally intelligent, more spiritually connected, more calculated, more willing to die, more patient, more studied, more willing to learn, more supported and loved than any of my opponents. So in this lifetime, I just simply cannot be defeated.”

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