Stephen Curry Speaks Out Against The Notion That Famous Black People Don’t Experience Racism

Racism has been a strong topic in the media following George Floyd’s death that took place almost two months ago.

Now basketball star Stephen Curry has taken on the topic, turning down naysayers who say famous and rich black people don’t experience racism.

According to the Golden State Warrior, celebrities like himself experience “subtle racism,” on a day to day basis, stating that they’re “anomalies.”

“The preconceived notions of how they view rich, successful Black people as anomalies and our intelligence and our well-spokenness, that’s always the first thing you hear,” Curry said in an interview on NBC Sports’ ‘Race and Sports in America: Conversations’ series. “If somebody knows how to be articulate if they know how to […] come into a room—that’s the subtle racism and prejudice that kind of starts to add on itself. … And if another white person hears that comment, they’re going to think the same thing. And it’s not going to trickle down to anybody else, and be able to create opportunities for somebody else to get that in that room and prove their value, prove their worth.”

Talking with Charles Barkley, Curry emphasized the meaning behind the #BlackLivesMatter movement, which is wanting black lives to be treated as equal to all lives.

“It’s just shifting perspectives and, again, holding everybody accountable whether it’s a private conversation, whether it’s a tweet, whether it’s a video,’ he stated.

“Whatever it is, to do the right thing, no pun intended, but to see everybody as equal, and that’s all we’re asking for.”

Barkley, on the other hand, acknowledged a difference in the way rich black Americans are treated versus other people.

“The notion that rich and famous Black people are treated like regular Black people, that’s not right,” the former basketball star stated. “We get treated great. But I always worry about how we treat poor Black people.”

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