Stephon Marbury Offers Jump Off/Chef Hush Money To Keep Affair On The Low

Stephon Marbury has been relatively quiet since he moved to China to continue his basketball career. Apparently before he moved, he paid his worker/jumpoff a large amount of money to not spill the beans about their private trysts. What’s the “large amount” you ask? How about something to the tune of $900,000. Newbie groupies take note!

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Apparently the private chef, Thurayyah Mitchell was hired to cook for him and his wife kids, but was also assigned a few extra duties that didn’t involve Sautéing a steak. Mitchel claims she and Steph got it in at least 5 times and he offered to pay her $900,000 not to go public with the affair after he fired her and she made claims of harassment.

By January of 2010, Steph had paid Ms. Mitchell $600,000 but suddenly stopped payments – perhaps that was when the money problems started for him and this wasn’t an expenditure he could handle :shrug: – Mitchell took the case to an arbitrator to get her money and was recently awarded $330,000.

For his part, Marbury maintains that the relationship was consensual, but wanted to avoid the embarrassment to his family and the Knicks so he offered her the hush money…

This is why you don’t f**k the help… Shout out to Elvira (that would be Michelle Phifer’s character in Scarface)

Now ladies, there’s a fine line between hush money and extortion but I will say this. Some of you young girls are out here “exposing” athletes for your sheer enjoyment and others are out here getting close to a million dollars. I guess closed mouths DO get fed if you learn how to work it right. So before you decide to embarrass yourself in the midst of trying to embarrass a Baller, figure out how you can make it work for your benefit. The whole “someone stole my phone and leaked those photos” excuse almost always works too *hint*

In this case, chick got her money and Starbury still ended up on blast. Ouch!

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