Sterling Brown Refuses $400k Settlement in Police Brutality Case; Prepared To Go To Trial

After a run-in with the police that resulted in multiple injuries nearly 2 years ago, Milwaukee Bucks guard Sterling Brown is pushing forward with his lawsuit against the City of Milwaukee alleging police brutality.

After illegally parking his Mercedes Benz over two handicap parking spaces at Walgreens, Brown caught an officer’s attention that led to backup arriving and Brown being handcuffed, threatened by a gun, tased and shoved to the ground.

As a result, an offense that only warranted a $200 ticket under Milwaukee law, turned into a full-blown lawsuit.

However, in an attempt to try to settle the suit, the city offered Brown $400,000 which his attorney described as pure “sham.” Attorney’s Mark Thomsen and Scott Thompson believed that the offer is “dwarfed by the true value” of Brown’s case.

Brown’s attorney’s also brought up the reasoning behind the lawsuit, in  which he claimed the baller was “unlawfully stopped, subject to racist language, beaten and then subsequently tasered in a parking lot.”

Thomsen and Thompson also said the city hid and destroyed evidence and waited months following news of the incident being released to receive body camera footage of the incident.

Sterling Brown Refuses Lawsuit
(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

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