Steve Bannon Reportedly “Under Criminal Investigation” For Submitting False Information on a Voter Registration Form, Reports Say

Steve Bannon Reportedly “Under Criminal Investigation” For Submitting False Information on a Voter Registration Form



The mastermind behind the views and policies of the Trump administration is reportedly under investigation for voter registration fraud.

Over the weekend, the Washington Post published an article on Steve Bannon, detailing his residential history. The report revealed Bannon owned a home in Southern California and registered to vote in Miami, all while continuously traveling between homes New York and Washington, D.C. While, the situation may seem harmless, according to Independent, submitting false information on a voter registration form is a felony in Florida.

In Bannon’s unconventional case, while he reportedly owned a house and a condo in Southern California, he also called Florida home and was registered to vote in the state. To make matters worse, back in 2016, The Guardian reported that Donald Trump’s chief strategist might have signed an oath claiming Floridian residency, in an effort to reap the benefits of the state’s income tax break, since California’s income tax can surpass 12 percent. Reportedly, the Florida residence was originally rented for his ex-wife, Diane Clohesy, but was frequently vacant. Additionally, he told officials, as well as the landlord that he lived there, but traveled regularly.

Fortunately for Bannon, he never placed a vote in Florida. So, the chances of the investigation leading to prosecution are slim, as Independent reports. But, if he were to be charged and convicted, Bannon could face up to five years in prison. While being registered to vote in two states is not voter fraud, Bannon could be in hot water by Trump’s definition. If you recall, back in January, Trump claimed millions of people had voted illegally and committed voter fraud by registering in more than one state. Come to find out, many linked to Trump’s administration including one of his children, had been registered in more than one state.

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