Steve Harvey Addresses Leaked Phone Call of Co-Host Shirley Strawberry Speaking About His Wife Marjorie [Video]

Steve Harvey Addresses Leaked Phone Call of Co-Host Shirley Strawberry Speaking About His Wife Marjorie [Video]

Steve Harvey has addressed the leaked phone call between co-host Shirley Strawberry and her incarcerated estranged husband, Ernest Williams.

On Monday’s morning show, Harvey shared that the conversation was leaked by a Fulton County Jail employee who needed money, and even though he is accustomed to being the subject of messy news, this instance hit differently since a close friend caused it. Additionally, the call was leaked when the internet was already heavily discussing his marriage.

“The timing of it was ugly because of everything else that’s going on right on, and it made it look like Shirley was piling on, and that wasn’t her intent, but it happened,” he explained.

Days ago, a conversation between Williams and Strawberry was released where Harvey’s longtime co-host spoke about his wife, Marjorie. In the call, Strawberry alluded to Harvey being “scared” of his spouse. She stated that during a recent visit to their home, Harvey gave his co-hosts a tour of his property, which he would have never done without Marjorie. In fact, Strawberry claimed that the glamorous wife looks at her husband’s co-hosts as “the help.” Shortly after the call hit the internet, Strawberry apologized to the Harvey family and insisted she never thought her words would make it online. Unfortunately, this only added to the Harvey family’s recent headline-making news.

Marjorie has been accused of having an affair, ultimately leading them to separate, which Harvey has continuously denied. For years, fans have also accused her of being the reason behind his split from former wife, Mary Lee Harvey. The 66-year-old slammed this claim, reiterating that the two only began dating when his previous marriage was over.

Marjorie has remained quiet about the gossip, though her husband confirmed they have weighed heavily on her.

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